photography (n.) from Gk. "photo" meaning light, and Gk. "graphy" meaning draw

My Vancouver show winds up

Photo: Sea lions basking on a rock, offshore of Clayoquot Sound, Vancouver Island

I’ve just returned from Vancouver, and unpacked the 34 photos that were on display there. (Here’s a sneak peak of what I was showing).

This was my third solo photography show, this one at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, for two months – June 1st through July 28th, 2010. These things are expensive to put together – the costs of all the printing and framing, not to mention the time involved (framing, packing for transport, and travel).

But they are gratifying, too. It’s a great feeling seeing my images printed large and displayed well. And it’s wonderful getting people’s reactions to my work!

That’s what I do this for. For years, my images sat around packed up in slide boxes, and no one saw them at all. But every time I click that shutter, it’s not because I want to capture that moment for me, to store away somewhere so I can look it up if need be. It’s because I saw something that I wanted to share.

Once I started publishing and displaying my work, it felt that all those years of hard work – serious alone time, slogging through the forests and slinking along the shorelines, stalking that elusive animal or awaiting the capriciousness of the light – were finally paying off. For the last ten years, I have been able to share my work with the world, through my publications and through shows like this.

Here is a list of my past and present solo shows:

Silk Purse Gallery, West Vancouver, “Clayoquot: The Wild Edge” November 13-25 2001

Café Pamplona, Tofino Botanical Gardens, Tofino, April 1-30 2002

Westfalisches Museum für Naturkunde, Muenster, Germany, “Into the Light”, September 2005 – October 2006

West Vancouver Memorial Library, West Van, June 1 – July 28 2010

Wickaninnish Inn, Chestermans Beach, Tofino, 2001 – on-going


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