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Port Alberni

Photo essay: Autumn colours in Port Alberni

Well, I set up the structure for this blog two years ago, but haven’t done much with it. That’s mainly because I’ve been focussing more on my writing than my photography these last couple of years. This spring I finished my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at UBC! So the photography I have been doing lately has been more on the fly, carrying a little point-and-shoot (The Panasonic Lumix LX-5 – it’s actually far more than a point-and-shoot, with its Leica optics, full exposure compensation, and ability to save RAW files) on my runs and hikes.

But the other day, my partner Dave and I got out on one of our favourite running trails, the Roger’s Creek Nature Trail in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island (where we live) to do a “real” photo shoot. My first time having an assistant to carry my tripod! I have to say, it was really enjoyable to go back to moving slowly through the forest, taking the time to get things truly right for each shot – and Dave really enjoyed the slow pace and peacefulness too!

So here is one shot from that session – for more, check out the pictures I posted to our running blog: Photo essay: Autumn colours in full display along Port Alberni’s Roger’s Creek Nature Trail